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Chapter 4: A Buddhafield in Spring

I would like you to live in the world, to live more totally, to live more intensely. But then labels and names will be needed. Then what has to be done? Don’t get identified with them, that’s all.

And if you have carried a name for forty years it is good to change it, because with the new it will be easier not to get identified. With the old, forty years’ association has made it very crystallized; it has entered deep into your sleep and your dreams too. The new name will be just on the surface. Now, don’t do the same with the new name as you have done with the old one.

And the organization that exists around me is not really an organization but a device - a device which creates a certain space. You may not be able to see it right now, unless you enter the space. Those who have entered, they know that the organization is there between me and the world, and it has some function to fulfill.

Roland Seeman, if there were no organization here, you would never be able to sit silently for even two minutes with me. There would be thousands and thousands of people always clamoring around me; no work would be possible. I lived that way for many years. It became impossible to work on people, because there was no possibility of any communion. Crowds were always there. Even when I was asleep in my room, people were sitting around; I was eating, and people were sitting around. There was a continuous crowd. Nobody was able to ask any personal question, no intimacy was possible.

This organization has been created, not to be an organization but just to be there so the whole world does not start impinging upon me, and I can remain available to real, authentic seekers.

Now you are sitting in silence here with me, thanks to the so-called organization. Otherwise, it was impossible. It used to happen. Thousands of people were listening to me; I was traveling around the country. A gathering of fifty thousand people would be there in the cities. And on one side people who were against me shouting, and people who were for me would also be shouting - and I was speaking! And the police standing there continuously, so that those people who were for and against didn’t start clashing.

It was almost impossible to work; that’s why I stopped traveling. Now I don’t go anywhere. Those who are really interested in truth will have to come to me. And the organization is just a device to screen people. If you are really a seeker, this is nothing - to wear orange, to become a sannyasin. If you can’t pay even this much price for it, then you are not a real seeker - maybe curious.

And to be with a master needs a kind of participation with the master. That is the only way to be in communion. It is not only a question of talking to me, it is a question of sharing my being. You will have to give me an indication that you will remain open, that you will not be defensive.

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