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Chapter 16: Helplessness: Another Name of Let-Go

It happened.a bishop became very friendly with a rabbi because both were very deeply interested in the game of golf. They had decided that on the coming Sunday they will finish their services in the church, in the synagogue, and they will both go together to the golf course.

The rabbi finished quickly - rabbis are very efficient people - and he came in his Cadillac, but the bishop was still in the confession booth. It has a small window, and the bishop or the pope or anybody who is representing God is on one side, and on the other side, the person who confesses. A device that the person does not feel awkward, embarrassed; he is not seen by the priest.

But there was a long queue. So from the other side, the rabbi entered the cabin and said to the bishop, “It is getting late, and I don’t see that you will be able to finish till Judgment Day! Because the queue is so long.and you don’t seem to be very efficient. You don’t know business.”

The bishop said, “I am doing it as quickly as possible, but these idiots are such that they don’t confess in a summarized form. They go on in such detail! Nobody is interested in their detail - how the woman looked, on what street they found her, and they raped her and she was screaming but deep down, she loved to be raped.Simply say that ‘I have raped’ and be finished! But unless they go into details.They torture me, but they have a right because they pay money.”

The rabbi said, “You get ready. How much is a rape?”

He said, “Ten dollars.”

He said, “That’s okay. You just go and get ready and I will finish your queue.”

And another man came to confess and said, “Father, I am very, very sorry. It has again happened.”

And the rabbi said, “My son, don’t be worried. Let it happen and let it happen again and again.”

The man thought, “This is strange. What has happened to Father? Has he drunk too much? The voice also seems to be different. But what else to do?”

He said, “I have again raped a woman.”

The rabbi said, “Don’t worry. Don’t worry about the details. I know all the details. It will be thirty dollars.”

The man said, “That is too much, because I have raped many times - it has always been ten dollars. Suddenly the price has gone up so much? In fact it should go down, because the dollar is going down. You are not taking into account the simple fact that the dollar is reduced to half of what it used to be.”

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