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Chapter 7: The Essence Is at Ease

The moment I awoke to reality, the moment I saw the fourth state of consciousness, turiya, I suddenly saw there is no birth and there is no death. Life continues; it only changes forms. Forms are born and forms die, but the essential life is eternal. And you are that essential life - only clothes change, garments change, houses change - but the essential core goes on and on.

Just the other day there was a question. Somebody asked: “Who are you? From where have you come? What is your purpose here? Are you the messiah?” I have not come from anywhere. I have always been here just as you have always been here, and we are always going to be here.

Raman Maharshi was dying, and a disciple asked, “Where are you going? Why are you leaving us?” And he opened his eyes, and he laughed and said, “Where can I go? There is nowhere to go. I will always be here.” He laughed, closed his eyes and died.

Where can I go? There is nowhere to go. I will be here. We are not coming from anywhere, we are not going anywhere, we have always been here - we are this existence. Yes, forms change, waves change, the ocean remains. And you asked: “What is your purpose?” No purpose at all. What purpose can there be? Trees are green, and roses are red - what purpose can there be?

And you had asked: “Are you the messiah?” Now, that word has to be understood; it is a device. The Jews have missed the whole point, and so have the Christians. It is a device, it is a device to create waiting, nothing else. It is one of the ancientmost devices. Judaism used it, but somehow the language was forgotten - as it always happens. Try to understand the device, then a new vision will open up to you. The messiah is nothing but an excuse to wait. “The messiah is coming!” It is always urgent, “The messiah is coming! Any day he will be here.” You have to be ready, you have to learn how to wait, and you have to learn how to be patient.

Remember all that I have been saying to you about waiting. Waiting is prayer. If you can wait, and if you are not in a hurry; if you don’t demand and you simply wait - not even waiting for something in particular, just waiting - something is going to happen. It is just on the brink, always on the brink. That state of waking and waiting will help you remain open, alert, watchful, looking.

Remember the day when a guest is to come, and the postman comes and you rush to the door - you are so alert. Every day the postman comes, he knocks and nobody listens. When you are waiting for a guest, just the breeze blowing through the pines, and you rush to the door, “Maybe he has come. Maybe this is the sound of his footsteps.” Anything provokes the vision.