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Chapter 6: Devices to Transcend Dreaming

To a rich man who has known all pleasures this is not a good prospect, this repetition. Repetition is the problem. That is the suffering for him. He wants something new, and Mahavira and Buddha say, “There is nothing new. This world is old. Nothing is new under the heavens, everything is just old. You have tasted all these things before and you will go on tasting them. You are in a wheel, moving. Go beyond it, take a jump out of the wheel.”

For a rich man, if you create a device which intensifies his feeling of boredom, only then can he move toward meditation. For a poor man, if you talk about boredom you are saying meaningless things. A poor man is never bored - never! Only a rich man is bored. A poor man is never bored; he is always thinking of the future. Something is going to happen and everything will be okay. The poor man needs a promise, but if the promise is a very long way away it becomes meaningless. It must be immediate.

Jesus is reported to have said that “In my lifetime, in your lifetime, you will see the kingdom of God.” That statement has haunted the whole of Christianity for twenty centuries, because Jesus said, “In your life, immediately, you are going to see the kingdom of God.” And the kingdom of God has not come even yet, so what did he mean? And he said, “The world is going to end soon, so do not waste time! Time is short.” Jesus said, “Time is very short. It is foolish to waste it. Immediately the world is going to end and you will have to answer for yourself, so repent.”

Jesus created a feeling of immediacy through the concept of one life. He knew, and Buddha and Mahavira also knew. Whatsoever they knew is not told. Whatsoever they devised is known. This was a device to create immediacy, urgency, so that you would begin to act.

India was an old country, rich. There was no question of urgency in promises for the future. There was only one way possible to create urgency, and that was to create more boredom. If a man feels he is going to be born again and again, again and again, infinitely, ad infinitum, he immediately comes and asks, “How to be freed from this wheel? This is too much. Now I cannot continue it any more because whatsoever can be known I have known. If this is to be repeated it is a nightmare. I do not want to repeat it, I want something new.”

So Buddha and Mahavira say, “There is nothing new under the sky. Everything is old and a repetition. And you have repeated for many, many lives, and you will go on repeating for many, many lives. Beware of the repetition, beware of your boredom. Take a jump.”

The device is different, but the purpose is the same. Take a jump! Move! Transform yourself! Whatsoever you are, transform yourself from it.

If we take religious statements as devices then there is no contradiction. Then Jesus and Krishna, Mohammed and Mahavira, mean the same thing. They create different routes for different people, different techniques for different minds, different appeals for different attitudes. But those are not principles to be fought and argued about. They are devices to be used, transcended, and thrown.

This much for today.