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Chapter 22: Here Everyone Is the Best

A man of small intelligence and individuality would have thought at least twice, “What am I going to do? One hundred thousand people will be destroyed within three minutes.” But he dropped atom bombs on two cities.two hundred thousand people. He came back to his camp, and in the morning when asked, “Did you have any rest?” he said, “Why not? I followed the order, I rested well. I am an obedient person.”

Obedience is the greatest value in a world of slaves. And this is not only the case with the ordinary politician and the priest; it begins with your God himself. He was against Adam and Eve because they disobeyed. What kind of God have people been worshipping? And a God who prevents his own children from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and the tree of eternal life does not seem to be a very loving father. He seems most dangerous, a despot. And that’s what the devil managed to convince Eve of. And the devil was absolutely right.

You will be surprised to know, there are thousands of devil worshippers in the world. And I can see the point, why they worship the devil. He was the first revolutionary, and he suggested the right thing. He said “These are the two most important trees in the whole garden of Eden. If you know and if you experience eternal life, what else is needed? Wisdom is enlightenment and eternal life is deathlessness - you have attained everything. God has prohibited the two most important things in life. And the reason why he has prevented you is that he is afraid that if you eat these two fruits, you will also become like God. He is jealous! He is afraid that he will lose his power. Everybody will be as powerful as he is.”

Now, this fascist has been worshipped as God, and the poor fellow, the devil, has been condemned, who has been the greatest benefactor of humanity. He has not harmed anybody, he has simply suggested that these are the two things worth achieving: the wisdom of the truth, and the life which knows no death. Then it takes a totally new aroma, a beauty and a blessing.

God has prevented you so that you can remain slaves, afraid of death, afraid of disease, and always a worshipper. He has destroyed your dignity by preventing you. I have always loved the fact.for some reason, which is lost far back in the historical records, the word devil comes from the Sanskrit word divine. It exactly means God. In its origin, God means nothing; in no language does it have any meaning. It is just Godot.

When I was reading Waiting For Godot I thought, Godot seems to be like a German word. The very sound of the word.. One of my old sannyasins, Haridas, was with me. I asked Haridas, “What is German for God?”

He said, “The German for God is Gott!”

It seems only Germans have Gott it! God does not mean anything. It is a meaningless word and you can manage to give any image to it.

So I cannot condemn devil worshippers. They are growing. Just a few days ago there were reports from Australia that devil worshippers are not only worshipping the devil, they don’t allow the Christian church to continue their Sunday ritual. They throw stones at the churches, at the windows, disturb the meetings. And they are all Christians - they are not my sannyasins!

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