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Chapter 9: The Sun Is New Each Day

These problems arise, and theologians cannot solve them. Then they have to create more false theories. Then they say there is a Devil also, and it is the work of the Devil. But they get into their own trap. First they create God, that God created the world; then they have to create a Devil because they cannot explain the world through goodness. The world looks so evil that they have to create a Devil. Then the question arises: “Who created the Devil?” Then they go on and on. And they get into such a desertlike effort which leads nowhere. Nobody reads their big volumes on theology - nobody! - because if you start you reach nowhere, and they go on and on and on. It seems like a broken gramophone record: the same they go on repeating, and you go on asking the same question and they go on round about. Beating around the bush is all that theology is. Not a single problem has been solved. The most useless effort that man has made ever is theology. And it starts with: “God created the world.”

Men like Heraclitus, Gautam Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, they don’t talk about these things. They simply say: “Existence is God. Nobody has created it. There is no creator who is responsible for it, so don’t raise unnecessary questions. And don’t waste your time in unnecessary answering.” Existence is, and God is not separate from it. God is existence, the totality, not a separate being, a person - the totality. It comes out of its own.and dissolves. Says Heraclitus, it is fire. Fire is a beautiful symbol. It gives you a very dynamic energy, indicates that existence is a dynamic, dialectical energy - it moves on its own. When you say “energy” it means something. When you say “God” you have moved into something which will not lead anywhere.

Energy is truth.

You can feel it here and now: you are energy, the birds singing in the trees are energy, the trees going toward the sky are energy; the stars moving, the sun rising every day - everything is energy. And energy is neither good nor bad. Energy is always neutral. So there is no need to create a Devil, no need to explain anything - energy is neutral.

If you are miserable it is because of you, not because of a God or because of a Devil. If you are miserable, you are behaving with the energy in a wrong way. You will be happy and blissful if you move with the energy. If you move against it, it is you who are responsible. Remember, if there is no God then you are responsible for whatsoever happens. And if you are responsible then there is a possibility to transform oneself. If God is responsible, then how is one going to transform oneself? God seems to be a trick of the mind to throw responsibility on somebody else, because the mind is always throwing responsibility on somebody else. Whatsoever happens, you always throw responsibility on somebody else. If you are angry, then somebody has insulted you - he has created anger. If you are sad, somebody is making you sad and unhappy. If you are frustrated, somebody is blocking your way. Always somebody else is responsible, never you. This is the attitude of the mind: to make somebody else responsible. Then you are freed of the responsibility. But.this is why you are miserable.

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