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Chapter 16: God: The Greatest Fiction

And Eastern music is totally different from Western music. Western music at the most is entertainment.at the best. At the worst, it also hits the serpent, but not upward - exactly opposite, downward. So most Western music is sexual. It is the same energy moving downward that becomes sexuality. The same energy moving upward becomes spirituality. And when the serpent reaches to the highest point in your being, the seventh chakra, the hit of the energy opens that chakra just like a lotus flower. The happening is so exactly like the lotus flower that the lotus flower became immensely significant in the East.

But idiots invented this story, that the Devil came in the form of a serpent and seduced Eve’s mind, provoked her to revolt. God has said, not to eat from two trees: the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. If you are impartial, with no prejudice, then who is doing the harm to man, God or the Devil? God is preventing man from knowing. Just cut out all your knowing, and what are you other than a vegetable? - a cabbage, or a cauliflower. Just cut out all knowing. And that’s what God’s idea was, to keep man always in the state of being a vegetable. Of course vegetables don’t revolt. Vegetables are dependable. Knowledge is dangerous. Intelligence is dangerous.

If you look without any prejudice, then the serpent is the friend of man, not the enemy. And even in this story he fulfills the Eastern concept of wisdom, although the people who invented this story had no idea that this interpretation is possible. But with me anything is possible. The serpent is not the Devil. And the word devil has to be understood. It comes from the same Sanskrit root as the word divine. So devil and divine don’t mean different things. The Sanskrit root is behind both; in Sanskrit it becomes deva, in English it becomes divine and devil.

Now, again a part of the story which is not being told in the churches: the Devil was an angel, a divine being, just like other angels who go on singing alleluia to God. He stopped singing this alleluia to God - he must have been the most intelligent angel - and he started raising questions, questions which could not be answered, because if God was capable of answering those questions there was no need to throw the Devil out of heaven. What kind of God - who can’t answer questions, and can create existence? He must know the most because he is the creator of everything. And if a certain angel asks questions, they should be welcomed.

But God seems to be very dictatorial, a despot. No questions - he only gives commandments: Do this, don’t do that, but never ask why. It is not for you to ask why. Do or die, but don’t ask why. And this angel started asking why; hence he was thrown out. This is the angel who is condemned as the Devil, Satan and different names. And this is the angel who puts this idea into Eve’s mind: “God is afraid that if you eat from the trees of knowledge and life, you will be equal to God, and he does not want anybody to be equal to him. He wants to remain superior, above all, the only one who knows, the only one who understands, the only one who commands. He is very jealous and does not want any rival. But if you don’t eat the fruit of these two trees you will never know what life is. You will never be able to explore this mysterious and beautiful existence.”

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