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Chapter 8: The Dewdrop and the Ocean

Many of Kabir’s devotees used to visit his place. They would sing hymns and songs in praise of the divine, and just as they were getting ready to leave, Kabir would invite them to have a meal. This created a lot of trouble for Kabir’s wife and son.

Finally, one day his son said to him, “This is going too far! How long can we go on borrowing money and supplies? How can we go on feeding people like this? Please stop asking people to stay for a meal.”

Kabir said: “I completely forget; when guests come to visit, I completely forget that we have nothing in the house to feed them with. But at a time like this, when guests have come, how can one bother about whether there is anything in the house or not? So I go on urging them not to leave without having a meal.”

Angrily and sarcastically the son retorted, “So should we start stealing now?”

Kabir said, “That is a great idea! Why didn’t you think of it before?”

The son couldn’t believe his ears. He never expected Kabir to say such a thing.

But the son was not an ordinary son - after all he was Kabir’s son. So he said, “So shall I go and steal tonight?”

Kabir said, “Absolutely!”

Testing Kabir even further the son asked, “Will you join me?” And Kabir said, “Of course!”

That night, the son said to Kabir, “Let’s go!” He wanted to take the whole matter to its logical conclusion; he wanted to see if Kabir would really be ready to steal.

Kabir ready to steal? It was simply beyond the son’s comprehension. And similarly it is beyond Arjuna’s comprehension: Krishna ready to kill?

Kamaal, Kabir’s son, took Kabir along with him. He started breaking into a house, and as he was doing so he kept looking around.

Kabir asked, “Why are you so nervous? Why are you so shaky?”

The son finally managed to break through the wall, and he asked Kabir, “Shall I enter now?” And Kabir said, “Of course. Go ahead!” The son entered and pulled out a sack full of wheat. He thought Kabir would stop him any minute. It was really too much.

But Kabir helped him to pull the sack all the way out of the house, and then he said to his son, “Now go inside to where the people are sleeping. Inform them that their house has been broken into, and that we are taking away a whole sack of wheat away with us.”

The son said, “But what kind of stealing is this? Does one ever disclose the act of stealing?”

Kabir said, “Stealing that cannot be disclosed is a sin. So go ahead and inform them!”

The son said, “All this time I was wondering, and it really kept bothering me, how you could allow me to steal.”

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