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Chapter 13: Christianity Is an Empty Box

But no theologian nor any pope is ready to walk on water. They all know that nature does not change its laws for anybody.

So it is a bold step, but very dangerous. If you take away all the miracles of Jesus then a very poor man, just a carpenter’s son, is left behind with nothing to be compared with Gautam Buddha or Mahavira or Zarathustra. Really you take away all his glory which depends on miracles. But you cannot prove miracles, and because you cannot prove miracles you create suspicion about Jesus. So it is better to drop miracles; at least the suspicion about Jesus will be dropped. But you don’t understand the implication: without miracles Jesus means nothing.

Without miracles Buddha remains the same, because he never did any miracles. People loved him not for his miracles. People loved him for his clarity of perception, of seeing into the very root of things, of giving insights to people to transform life. Walking on water is simply stupid. Even if you can do it, then too it is not a miracle, it is simply stupidity, because you will remain the same. You will not come out of the water a transformed human being.

Just to give you an idea of how Gautam Buddha and Jesus will behave in a similar situation.. Lazarus is dead. His sisters are great devotees - Lazarus was a great friend of Jesus. They send a message to him, “Come, Lazarus is dead!” And they keep his body inside a cave. Jesus comes and he calls Lazarus, standing outside the cave, “Lazarus, come out!”

Lazarus says, “Have you come? Great, I am coming!” And he comes out. It seems to be dramatic, it seems to be all planned. It seems the man was not dead. He was a friend, his two sisters were devotees - it was as if he was simply sitting there, waiting.

It is not a miracle. And even if it is a miracle, even if Lazarus comes back to life, he is not transformed. We don’t hear anything else again of Lazarus. A man who has died, a man who has gone through the process of death to the beyond, who comes back, cannot be the same. Lazarus would have become a great master, but he remained the same person - no change at all.

In a similar situation Gautam Buddha behaves differently, and I think that is the way any wise man will behave. A woman, Krishagautami, had only one son. Her husband had died, her other children had died; she had seen death in its brutal ugliness. Only one son remained, and she was living only for him; otherwise there was nothing for her to live for. She wanted to kill herself; she had lost everything - all those people she had loved and lived for. But her neighbors suggested, “One son is alive - without you he will also be dead. Take care of him. We understand your sorrow..”

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