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Chapter 5: The Inner Alchemy

Paripoorn chandra amrit rasaiki karanam naivedyam.
Accumulation of the nectar of the inner full moon is naivedya - the food offering.

You must have heard about the Taoist concept of yin and yang, the concept of polar opposites into one reality. Reality exists through polar opposites - through the positive and the negative, through the male and the female, through yin and yang.

Reality is a dialectical process. And when I say “dialectical process,” I mean it is not a simple process, it is very complex. A simple process means one element working; a dialectical process means two polar opposites working in one direction. And though they appear as opposites, they create a symphony, they create a musical harmony. And that harmony is reality.

Man and woman, they create humanity. Man alone is not humanity, neither is woman alone humanity. Human being - the music, the synthesis we call human being - is a dialectical phenomenon. Man and woman, they both work to create humanity, they both help to create humanity. And the way of their creating it is dialectical. They exist as polar opposites, and the inner tension between the two creates the energy for movement, for process, for further growth.

It is the same on every plane. If we go deep down with the physicist to the atom’s structure, inner structure, then again we find two polar opposites working there: the negative electricity and the positive electricity. Because of these two polar opposites, matter is created. If there is only positive electricity, the world will disappear immediately. If there is only negative electricity, there will be nothing. But negative electricity and positive electricity create an inner tension, and because of that inner tension matter exists.

It is the same in the inner being of man also. This sutra is concerned with that. We discussed how awareness creates an inner sun. Now this sutra talks about the creation of an inner moon. Sun is symbolic of the inner positivity and moon is symbolic of the inner negativity. Sun is the inner male and moon is the inner female. These words are symbolic, and for Indian yoga, particularly, they are very meaningful. So by sun is not meant the outer sun, nor by moon the outer moon. Those two words are used for the inner universe, sun and moon.

Indian yoga divides man into two parts: the sun part and the moon part. Even one breath is known as the sun breath and another breath is known as the moon breath. And one of the deeper findings is that if you stop the moon breath, and just breathe through the breath that is known as the sun breath, your body will become hot. And such great heat can be created, simply by using only one kind of breath, that it seems inconceivable in physiological terms. In Tibet there exists a heat yoga which uses only the sun breath, not using the moon breath at all - because the breath is continuously changing.

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