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Chapter 16: To Be Natural Is Beautiful

I am going to do an Encounter group next.

Don’t be shy in the group. One has to expose oneself in total nudity. When you have nothing to hide, anxiety disappears. That’s the beauty of truth. If you lie, there is anxiety; but if you are true, there is none. Whenever you say a truth you don’t need to remember it, but whenever you tell a lie you have to remember it. And one lie leads to a thousand and one other lies.

It is hard for me to be totally open. Like, it’s easy here but where I function professionally it’s very difficult.

It will not be. Once you know that it is easy, it is not a question of here and there. Once you live it and you have the taste of it, then it is always easy wherever you are - because it pays tremendously.

Right now you don’t know what it is, so you are afraid. Once you know that to be natural is so beautiful and so blissful, then you are ready to lose anything at any cost. If you lose your prestige, your power or your money, you are ready, because it isn’t worth it.

It is as if you have been carrying pebbles and then I show you a treasure, diamonds. Will you say to me that it will be very difficult for you to drop the pebbles? You will immediately drop them! You were in an illusion that they were diamonds, and because you had never known real diamonds there was nothing with which to compare them. Once you know the real diamonds, who bothers about pebbles?

There is a very old story in India about a prime minister who became interested in meditation. He left his post and went to the forest. The king became very interested in what happened to this man who had left such a great post, so he came to see him.

The prime minister was sitting with his legs spread, under a tree. When the king came he didn’t stand up but remained sitting. The king said that he thought he would have become religious, but he had become uncivilized and had lost even his manners.

The prime minister laughed and said, “Who bothers? I was paying you respect not for you, but because I was on an ego trip. Now I have dropped out of that ego trip. Whatsoever you call me - mannerly, unmannerly, civil, uncivil - to me it is irrelevant. I have simply dropped out of the game.” It is said that the king was very impressed.

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