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Chapter 27: Whatsoever Happens in Silence Is Your Friend

He said, “Come tomorrow. Just a little deeper in the forest you will find diamonds - but that too is not the end. But I will not tell you too much; otherwise you will not be able to sleep tonight. Just go home. Tomorrow morning, first you find the diamonds, and then come to me.”

He really could not sleep the whole night. A poor woodcutter. He could not imagine that he was going to become the owner of all these mines - gold and silver and copper, and now diamonds - and the old man was saying this was only the beginning. He thought and thought. What can be more than diamonds?

In the morning he went very early - the old man was asleep - he touched his feet. The old man opened his eyes and said, “Have you come? I knew you would come; you couldn’t sleep. First go and see the diamonds.”

The woodcutter said, “Can you tell me what can be more?”

He said, “First find the diamonds - step by step, otherwise you will go crazy.”

He found the diamonds and he came dancing to the old man. He said, “Now you cannot say that I am an idiot. I have found the diamonds.”

But the old man said, “Still, you are an idiot.”

He said, “Now I will not leave you unless you explain it to me.”

The old man said, “You can see that I know all about these mines - silver, gold, diamonds - and I don’t care about them, because there is something more which is not in the forest but within you, just a little deeper, not outside but inside. And because I have found it, I don’t care about all these diamonds. Now it is up to you; you can stop your journey at the diamonds but remember; you will remain an idiot. And I am proof, because I know about all these mines and I have not bothered with them. This can make you understand that there is something more which is never found outside, however far you go; it is found inside you.”

The man dropped the diamonds. He said, “I am going to sit by your side. Unless you drop this idea that I am an idiot, I am not going to move from here.”

He was a simple, innocent woodcutter. It is difficult for knowledgeable people to go in. It was not difficult for the woodcutter. Soon he was entering into a deep silence, a joy, a blissfulness, a benediction.

And the old man shook him and said, “This is the place. Now you need not go into the forest. And I withdraw my word idiot about you; you have become a wise man. You can open your eyes. You will see the same world but not in the same light; the same colors, but now they have become psychedelic; the same people, but they are no longer just skeletons covered with skin, they are luminous spiritual beings; the same cosmos, but for the first time it is an ocean of consciousness.”

The woodcutter opened his eyes.

He said, “You are a strange fellow. Why did you wait so long? I have been coming here almost my whole life and I have seen you sitting under this tree. You could have said this any day.”

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