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Chapter 12: What is the Soul?

A definition may not be true; in fact, if I have to make it meaningful to you, it cannot be true really. You have not known what soul is; you have not known what this explosion is which we call Brahman, the divine. You do not know the meaning, you know only the words. Words that you have not experienced are just meaningless sounds. You can create the sound “god,” but unless you have known God it is just a sound.

“Heart” is a meaningful word, “cow” is a meaningful word, because you have yourself experienced what they mean. But “god” is just a word for you, “soul” is just a word. If I have to help you, I can help you only with a false definition, because you have no experience of God, no experience of the soul. And unless I can define it by something you know, a definition will be useless.

For a person who has never known a flower but has known a diamond, I must define flowers through diamonds. There is no other way. A flower has nothing to do with diamonds, but still, something can be indicated through it. I can say, “Flowers are living diamonds: living diamonds!” The whole thing is false - diamonds are irrelevant - but if I say, “Flowers are living diamonds, growing diamonds,” I create a desire in you to experience them. A definition is there only to help you to move to the experience. All definitions are like that.

If you have not known diamonds, if you have not known anything positive for me to define through, then I have to define through negatives. If you do not have any positive feeling for anything, I will define through negatives. I will say, “The misery that you have is not part of the soul. The dukkha, the anguish that you are, is not part of the soul.” I have to define negatively in terms of something with which you are crippled, from which you are dying; in terms of something with which you are burdened, which has become just a hell to you. I have to define negatively by saying, “It will not be this, it will be just the opposite.”

So with me it depends. It depends. I have no absolute answers, I have only devices - only psychological answers. And the answer does not depend on me, it depends on you: because of you I have to give a particular answer.

That is why I cannot be a guru - never! Buddha can become one but I never can. Because you are so inconsistent, every individual is so different, how can I become consistent? I cannot. And I cannot create a sect, because for this consistency is very much needed. If you want to create a sect you must be consistent, foolishly consistent; you must deny all inconsistencies. They are there but you must deny them, otherwise you cannot attract followers. So I am less a guru and more like a psychiatrist - plus something. To me, you are meaningful. If you can understand this, then something more can be said.

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