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Chapter 23: You Are Born As Freedom

He is learning the discipline of being conscious.

He will also die - but only superficially. Deep inside him the light of life will be still burning. He will leave the body, but the flame of life will go on moving into different forms till he comes to experience total enlightenment. Then this death is the last: he will not be born again. Now he is given the opportunity to become one with the whole.the dewdrop slipping from the lotus leaf into the ocean. He is not losing himself, he is gaining the whole ocean; he is becoming oceanic.

Man has to pass through many deaths because of his unconsciousness. And if your awareness is also just wishy-washy it is not going to help.

Life is a school to learn the eternal truth of existence. But that is possible only if you are conscious. You are not even conscious when you appear to be conscious. Walking in the street, talking to people, shopping in the Mall, going to the disco, it looks as if you are conscious; it is not so.

Just watch yourself. Watch; are you aware while you are walking, or is walking just a mechanical process, just like a robot? And you will be surprised to know the difference. Just try to walk a few steps consciously and you will see the difference - and the beauty and the joy and the relaxation of walking consciously. Your whole body is in tune with existence.

Consciousness bridges you with existence.

Unconsciousness closes you into yourself.

In unconsciousness you don’t have any connection with existence.

In consciousness you are related to the whole - from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest star millions of light-years away.

A conscious man is just like you, but inside there is light; and inside you there is darkness.

You go on doing things but without knowing who you are.shopping for everything except yourself! While you are talking, be alert and you will be surprised, just by your unconscious talking, how many troubles you have created, how many quarrels, fights you have created - just by talking. Just think: if you were not talking and you were just a silent man, ninety-nine percent of your troubles would be dropped. They come out of your talking!

You say something, and your wife is bound to misunderstand it. And there is no way to explain to her because whatever you explain, she has her own way of interpreting it. Slowly, slowly husbands and wives stop talking because they both have understood that this leads to quarreling, and finally to crying and weeping and throwing things.

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