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Chapter 6: I Am a Destroyer

Forget about enlightenment! You are not to even think about it. How can you think about it? And whatsoever you think is going to be wrong. How can you hope for it? All hopes about it are going to be wrong. How can you desire it? It cannot be desired. Then what are we supposed to do?

Try to understand desiring. Try to understand hoping. Try to understand dreaming. That’s what is needed. You simply try to understand how your mind has been functioning up to now. Seeing into the functioning of the mind, mind disappears. Just a good look into the inner mechanism of the mind, and suddenly it comes to a halt. In that halt there is enlightenment. In that halt there is a taste of a totally new dimension of existence.

Dreaming is one dimension, existence is another dimension. Existence is. Dreaming is simply a belief.

The second question:

You spoke in several recent discourses on the no-problem, the nonexistence of our problems.
Having been brought up in a repressive Catholic family, and having spent twenty-one years in an equally crazy educational system.are you saying that all the coats of armor, all the conditionings and all the repressions do not exist, can be dropped immediately - NOW? What about all the imprints left on the brain, on the musculature of the body?

This is a very significant question. It is from Jayananda. The question is significant because it shows two different approaches concerning the inner reality of man. The Western approach is to think about the problem, to find the causes of the problem, to go into the history of the problem, into the past of the problem, to uproot the problem from the very beginning, to uncondition the mind, or to recondition the mind, to recondition the body, to take out all those imprints that have been left on the brain - this is the Western approach. Psychoanalysis goes into the memory, it works there. It goes into your childhood, into your past, it moves backwards: it finds out from where the problem has arisen. Maybe fifty years before, when you were a child, the problem arose in your relationship with your mother.then psychoanalysis will go back.

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