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Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today

You will not become a dancing Meera or a silent Buddha or an ecstatic Sosan, no, because their whole approach is diametrically opposite. They adjust to the universe, they become one with it, they flow with it, they become just shadows in it. They don’t fight, they don’t have any conflict or argument with existence. They simply say yes to all that is. They are not no-sayers, they are yea-sayers.

That is the meaning of being religious: be a yea-sayer. It is not a question of whether you believe in God or not. Buddha never believed in any God, but he is a religious man because he is a yea-sayer. It doesn’t matter to whom you say the yes: you say the yes - that changes the whole thing.

Whether you say it to a god with four heads or four hundred heads, with two hands or one thousand hands, whether you say it to a Hindu, Christian or Mohammedan god, or whether you say it to nature or to fate, destiny, it makes no difference. To whom you address it is not the point. If you say yes, a total yes on your part, you become religious.

If you say no, that means you will continue the struggle. You will fight the current, you will move against the river. You think that you are wiser than the Tao, you think you are greater than existence. Then of course, naturally, obviously, you will be frustrated because that is not the case.

The moment you say yes, your life starts flowering in a new dimension. The dimension of the yes is the dimension of religion. The dimension of the no is the dimension of politics, science and everything else.

A mystic is one who flows with the river, he does not push it. He does not even swim in it, because swimming also is a fight - he simply floats. He has no goals to reach, because how can you determine a goal? Who are you? How can you fix a goal?

When you let go into the river, the river moves; you move with it. The goal of the river is your goal. You don’t even bother where it is - wherever it is. You have learned a great secret of saying yes. In fact, now wherever you are, you are at the goal because yes is the goal. It is not a question of where you reach; wherever you are, you say yes and it is the goal.

And if you are addicted to the no, wherever you are it will be a journey, it will never be a goal. Wherever you reach, your no will reach with you. Even if you enter heaven, the no will reach with you. Where will you leave it?

If you meet the ultimate force as you are right now, you will say no, because you are trained in it. How can you suddenly say yes? Even if you encounter God you will say no. You will find many faults, because for the no-saying mind, nothing can be perfect - nothing can be perfect. And for the yea-saying mind, nothing is imperfect. Even imperfection has its own perfection for a yes-saying mind.

It will look contradictory: he will say, “How beautifully imperfect! How perfectly imperfect!” Even in chaos there is cosmos for him. And even in matter, the yes penetrates deeply and finds the divine. Then every rock is full of the divine, it is everywhere.

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