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Chapter 8: When You Are Ready.

Only in a loving embrace, for the first time the body takes shape; the beloved gives you the shape of your body. She shapes you, she forms you, she surrounds you all around and gives you the definition of your body. Without a beloved you don’t know what type of body you have - where are the oases in your body desert, where are the flowers, where your body is most alive and where dead? You don’t know; you remain unacquainted. Who will give you the acquaintance? In fact, when you fall in love and somebody loves your body, for the first time you become aware of your body, that you have a body.

Lovers help each other to know their bodies. Sex helps you to understand the body of the other and, via the other, to have a feeling and definition of your own body. Sex makes you embodied, rooted in the body, and then love makes you feel yourself - soul, spirit, atma - the second circle. And then prayerfulness helps you to feel the no-self, or the brahman, or the godliness.

These are the three steps: from sex to love, from love to prayerfulness. And there are many dimensions of love, because if the whole energy is love then there are going to be many dimensions of love. You love a woman or a man - you become acquainted with your body. You love a master - you become acquainted with your self, your being, and through that acquaintance, suddenly you fall in love with the whole. The woman becomes the door for the master, the master becomes the door for the divine. Suddenly you fall into the whole, and you come to know the innermost core of all existence.

Jesus says rightly, “Love is God,” because love is the energy that moves the stars, that moves the clouds, that allows the seeds to sprout, that allows the birds to sing, that allows you to be here. Love is the most mysterious phenomenon. It is ritambhara.

The last question:

Do masters ever yawn?

Yes, they yawn, but they yawn totally. And that is the difference between an enlightened person and an unenlightened person. The difference is only of totality.

You do whatsoever you do partially. You love - only part of you loves; you sleep - only part of you sleeps; you eat - only part of you eats; you yawn - only part of you yawns, another part is against it, controlling it. A master lives totally, whatsoever. If he is eating, he is totally eating; there is nobody else than eating. He walks, he walks; the walker is not there. The walker doesn’t exist because where will the walker exist? The walking is so total. When you yawn, you are there. When a master yawns, only the yawn is there.

And if you are not convinced, you can ask Vivek; that will be the proof. You can ask a witness.

Enough for today.