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Chapter 9: A Stranger to Yourself

The man of God, a Sufi - the word sufi comes from sufa; sufa means purity, cleanliness, clarity - the man of inner purity lives love in two dimensions. One is the private dimension, utterly private, personal, intimate, just as you love your woman or your man - in seclusion. You don’t want it to be public. To make it public will be profane, trill be sacrilegious, will be a crime. In meditation, in prayer, the Sufi contacts God in absolute privacy.

Sufis say: Don’t pray before others - not even before your wife. In the middle of the night when all is asleep - your family is asleep, your wife is asleep - wake up in the middle of the night, sit in your bed, and pray to God. Don’t let anybody know, because the mind is very cunning: it can make an ego-trip out of that too. It can start bragging: “Look! what a great meditator I am.”

Pray to God, meditate on him, in secrecy, in privacy - alone.

And the other dimension is of service, of loving his creatures - the trees, the mountains, the people, the rivers. Pour your love openly to his world, and pour your love in privacy to him - and you become a Sufi.

And the function of a master is to give you these two dimensions of love. And the perfect master is one in whose presence this process is triggered, and you start growing in these two dimensions of love. The ultimate crescendo of these two loves is freedom - freedom from misery, freedom from mind, freedom from body, freedom from coming again into the world - freedom from all kinds of imprisonments. That freedom is the goal.

Keep the goal always in your vision. And, slowly, slowly go on dropping all that goes against that vision. Fall in harmony with the vision of this ultimate goal of freedom. Become more and more free. And from the very first step one has to become free.

The real master, the perfect master, about whom we have been talking all these twenty days - the perfect master helps you to become free, he gives you freedom. Love always gives freedom..

Enough for today.