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Chapter 20: Everything Is Love

And my people are searching all possibilities, finding all possibilities of being in love. Sex is only one of them, and the very lowest of the kind. In fact everybody should have a film of himself making love and see it once in a while. Then he will see what kind of gymnastics.and what happens to the woman’s face - distortions, and you call it orgasm? She is having a fit. And the man is trying so hard, huffing, puffing!

Everybody should have a film of his own lovemaking just to see it whenever the desire arises. Just see the film and that will be enough. That is the very lowest type of thing that is available to all animals. Man can manage to have many other dimensions, many other levels. And the higher you reach toward enlightenment, new dimensions open up.

For a man who has passed through the door to the other side, everything is love. My whole day, twenty-four hours, I am making love to existence in different ways. If I am taking a shower I enjoy it as much as making love to a woman. So what is the difference? I am contacting existence through water. It is not necessarily that I should make the contact with existence through a feminine body.

Eating, I am making love, because I eat with such joy. And I don’t see any difference: my joy is the same. So twenty-four hours a day I am in love; it does not matter what I am doing. That you can take as a criterion of the man who has gone beyond enlightenment: whatever he does is love, whatever he says is love. If he does nothing, that is love. If he remains silent, that is love.

Now, should we start dancing?