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Chapter 4: Straight to Freedom

Masters cannot lead big movements - almost impossible. In fact, by the time they become known they are here no longer; by the time people come to hear about them they are gone. Then they are worshipped for thousands of years, but that worship won’t help much. To be impressed by a master is difficult, because that means dying to your own ego. To allow a master to work on you is very courageous: you open your heart, you become vulnerable; and nobody knows where he is leading - you have to trust. Logic is not of much help, only love. And love is rare. Everybody is logical: who is loving? Everybody has a cunning intellect, but who has a trusting heart? This is the first thing to be understood before we can enter into this story.

Sufis don’t believe in teachings and teachers. This man Baha-uddin is one of the greatest masters. The master does not teach; he demonstrates, his whole being is a demonstration. He opens new dimensions and he invites you to look through these new dimensions, new vistas, new windows. He demonstrates, he does not teach. And even if he teaches, it is just to persuade your intellect to come to his window from where things have a totally different look. And a master has to be skilled in the greatest art: the art of the human heart - because the problems are subtle, very complicated and complex.

For example: a person comes to me. He is ready to take the jump - he thinks he is ready to take the jump, but he is not ready. And I see that this is not the right moment for him: if he takes the jump he will miss. I have to persuade him to wait; I have to persuade him to wait for the right moment. I have to divert his mind; I have to give him some other occupation so he forgets, at least for the present, about the final jump. He will be ready one day - and everything comes in its own season.

You cannot force a phenomenon like enlightenment, you cannot manipulate it. You have to wait for it: it comes when it comes, it comes on its own. In fact, there is no way to force it; you cannot control it. All that you can do is to learn how to wait lovingly - how to wait, how to trust. When the right moment comes it will happen.

Somebody comes; he says he is ready. He thinks he is ready, but I see he is not ready. So I have to divert his mind: I have to give him something to play with so the time can be passed and he becomes ripe. He thinks he is ready: it is not really thinking, it is the ego. He says, “Right now, help me.” Then there is somebody else who thinks he is not ready - thinking is not of much value in the world of the innermost. Somebody is there who is not ready, thinks he is ready. Somebody is there who is ready, thinks he is not ready. Him I have to persuade - in fact, seduce him to take the jump. He hesitates, he’s afraid. He says he is not ready. “What are you doing? Why are you forcing me? Why are you haunting me?” But I know that he is ready - and if this moment is lost, it may be many years before the moment next comes again, or it may be many lives.

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