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Chapter 5: Sit in the Center of the Circle

Diogenes was resting by the side of a river, taking a sunbath naked. He laughed and he said, “If after conquering the whole world, massacring millions of people, you are just going to relax, why not relax now? This bank of the river is big enough. We both can reside here. It will be good company.”

Alexander was first very much shocked because nobody had ever talked to him the way Diogenes talked. But he had to concede that, “You are right. If after conquering the world one is just going to rest and relax, then why not rest and relax now? Who knows whether I will be able to conquer the world or not?”

And that’s what happened. He could not complete his conquest of the world. He returned just from the frontiers of India by the side of Sindhu river. He fought with a king named Poras, a man of tremendous courage and honesty, representative of the golden days of humanity.

Alexander tried cunning on Poras. He knew perfectly well it was not easy to conquer that man. So he sent his wife to Poras. It was the month of sawan, when in India sisters bind a thread on the hand of the brothers. It is called rakshabandhan. That thread reminds the brother that he has to protect his sister in every circumstance; even if he has to stake his own life, he will; that is a promise. And after binding the thread on Poras’ hand she said, “Do you know who I am? I am the wife of your enemy, Alexander, who is camping on the other side of the Sindhu river. Now remember and keep the thread on your hand. Do whatever you want to do, but don’t kill my husband.”

Poras promised. This was a strange strategy. But when fighting, Poras had the chance, when he killed Alexander’s horse and Alexander fell on the earth and Poras jumped on him from his elephant with a spear. But as he was going to put the spear into the chest of Alexander, he saw the thread. He simply stopped. Alexander asked, “What has happened?”

He said, “I have given your wife a promise. She has become my sister. I cannot kill you.”

That way Alexander became the conqueror. This is not conquest. This is pure cunningness. And from there he returned. Seeing the way Poras behaved, he did not have the guts to enter deeper into India, because he would have to face more, courageous, great warriors, and there was a whole continent to conquer. So he turned back, the world remained unconquered and he died by coincidence the same day as Diogenes died.

Now here is a beautiful story. It cannot be said to be factual, but it is certainly truthful. And you always have to make a distinction between fact and truth. Truth need not always be fact, even a fiction can have a truth.

The story is, they both met on the boundary line of this world and paradise. There is a river which makes the boundary line. Ahead was Alexander, nude, because you cannot take anything with you, just a skeleton. Suddenly he heard a belly laugh behind him. He looked back and he could not believe it. He thought, “My God, this is Diogenes.”

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