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Chapter 28: Tao Is Already Happening

It was decided to send a monkey and a politician to the moon. Their instructions on what to do after landing were sealed into pockets in their suits. As soon as they had touched down on the lunar landscape, the monkey opened his set of instructions.

It read:

Check all fuel tanks.

Check computer and re-program the same.

Take samples of rock, sand and air.

Check oxygen levels and density.

Check landing craft for damage.

Check stabilizers and anti-gravity devices.

Then send radio message down to earth reporting position.

Then the politician opened his sealed instructions.

It said in big letters: Feed the monkey!!!

Ambition makes a person really stupid - even a monkey is more intelligent. Don’t be ambitious! And remember, mind is very cunning: you drop ambition in one direction and the mind starts creating the same ambitious trap in another direction. Running after money, one day you understand that it is futile - even if you attain it, death will take it away. You start dropping that ambition. But then you start thinking “How to have more virtue?” It is the same game - “How to have more money” - now you say “How to have more virtue, more punya.”

Do you know, the name of this town, Pune, comes from the Sanskrit root punya? Punya means virtue. Do you see any virtuous people in Pune?

In fact, the virtuous person cannot be religious, because he has allowed ambition to enter from the back door - again he has started accumulating, acquiring. Somebody is on a power trip in the world, and then one day, seeing the futility of it.. And one day everybody comes to see the futility of it, even the mediocre mind comes to see the futility of it. It is so futile! If you fail you fail, if you succeed you fail - it is so futile!

If you fail, certainly you fail, and there is frustration. If you succeed, then too deep down you fail, because you see you have succeeded and nothing has happened through your success. You remain the same kind of empty, hollow, ugly beggar - nothing has happened. All the money has accumulated around you, you are sitting on the throne of a president, and deep down the same beggar, the same ugly face, the same monster, the same horrible mind. So failing you fail, succeeding you fail - this is the futility.

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