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Chapter 8: Lover and Beloved Become One

It is also called Brahma, Shiva, Indra, aksharbrahman, param virat, Vishnu, prana, kalagni, and chandrama.

The one who realizes that the past and the future - it is all the divine - is liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

There is no other way to liberation.

The one who sees that the self pervades all beings, and that all beings pervade the self, sees the brahman, the ultimate reality. There is no other way.

The ultimate mystery has many names, because basically in reality it has no name. First of all, try to understand a few things about names.

In man’s heart, there is a deep thirst. There is a prayer in him for the divine - but how to invite that which is anam, without a name? Even if you want to cry at the feet of the divine, where will you find these feet? You may even find a stirring arising in your being for it, but where, in which direction, should this feeling be addressed? Even if your feet want to run to it, where does it live? There is no address, there is no path to it, there is no direction to it - because all directions belong to it, all paths belong to it, and every single inch of space is its temple.

Man is in great difficulty, because when he moves he has to move in some direction. How can he move in a non-direction? He can only walk on some path. It becomes impossible for him to walk towards a place to which all paths lead, or, in other words, to which no path leads. Whenever man calls, he needs a name to call. The name may be just a formality, but he needs a name to call.

But the divine has no name. Leave the divine aside - nothing in the world has any name! We give names, we use those names, but that use is utilitarian, a day-to-day necessity. There is also a danger in using names: the name can be used so much that slowly, slowly the thing that was nameless, the person who was nameless, becomes secondary and the name becomes the important thing.

When a child is born he does not come with any name, he comes as a clean slate, a tabula rasa. But in such a vast universe, some label has to be put on him; otherwise it will become difficult to speak with him, impossible to communicate with him. So if we attach a false name to him, everything becomes easy. One is able to call him, one is able to talk to him or about him. To communicate and relate with him becomes easy, possible. It is a very interesting thing that to relate with the child is difficult, but a name, which is unreal, becomes the basis for all relating and relationships.

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