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Chapter 38: Session 38

The world consists of ten dimensions, or ten directions, rather. Dimension is a bigger word and should not be used for direction. These ten directions are: two, upward and downward; and the four we know as east, west, north, and south; the remaining four are just the corners. When you draw the east-west line, the north-south line, there are corners between the north and the east, and between the east and the south, and so on - the four corners.

I should not have used the word dimension. It is totally different, as different as Devageet’s sneeze. He tries to suppress it, and it is one of the most impossible things to suppress. I will suggest to him to allow it. It comes anyway. Why suffer? Next time when you hear the knock, open the door and say, “Madam, come in.” Perhaps it may not happen at all. Sneezes are strange things. If you try to bring one on then you will have to do all the tricks of yoga. Then too, it is only a probability. But try to suppress it and it will come on with tremendous force. It is a woman you know; and when a woman takes possession of you it is better to sneeze her out and escape, rather than suppress.

Direction and dimension are as different as his sneeze, and my understanding that he is giggling. He is trying to suppress his sneeze and I was just starting to talk about the untalkable, and at that exact moment he sneezed. This is what Carl Gustav Jung calls synchronicity. Not a very great example; not exemplary I mean, but just a little example.

It is strange, but particularly in India, whenever such things are talked about - and I don’t think people have talked about such things anywhere else for thousands of years - sneezing at a meeting with the master is prohibited. Why? I don’t understand how you can prohibit a sneeze. A sneeze is not afraid of your cops, nor your guns. How can you prohibit it? - unless you do plastic surgery on the nose, which would not be good because a sneeze simply informs you that something wrong has entered. It should not be prevented in any way.

So I say to you, Devageet, you are my disciple, and my disciples have to be different in every way, even in sneezing. They can sneeze exactly when the master is talking about trust. There is no harm in it. But sometimes when you start repressing it, naturally it affects your breathing. It affects everything in you, and then I think that you are giggling. Then you are very shocked. In fact you should be happy that “My master, even if he misunderstands once in a while, always interprets it as a giggle.”

Laughter - that can be said to be my creed if it is allowed; I mean if the word creed is allowed to be used. I don’t mean a loud laughter allowed.that will be okay with me. But people are such fanatics about their creeds, they don’t laugh. At least in church they have such long faces that you cannot believe they have come there to understand the man whose only message if reduced to one word would be, “Rejoice!” They are not the people to rejoice.

They must have been the people who killed the man, and are still putting fresh nails into his coffin. Who knows, he may come out.. They must be the people who are still hanging him; and he has been dead for two thousand years. Now there is no need to hang him, although he was intelligent enough not to be crucified.

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