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Chapter 4: Stop and See

We want to know God, but we don’t even know our own selves, we don’t even know what is closest to us! No other entity is closer to us than our own self - so ignorance can be defeated and destroyed only there. For one who is ignorant there, it is not possible to have first hand knowledge on any other level.

The flame of knowing begins to burn first in man’s inner being. This inner being is “the east” of knowing; the sun of knowing rises there. If there is darkness there, you can be certain there cannot be light anywhere else. Know yourself, not God. This ray of light will ultimately grow into the sun. It is by knowing one’s self that one realizes that there is sat-chit-anand, that there is being, consciousness and bliss, but that there is no “I,” no ego. That very realization is the realization of godliness.

Man is a soul shrouded by an ego - and this is ignorance. A soul that is rid of the ego is God - and this is knowing. Where are you going in search of your soul? It is nowhere to be found in any of the ten directions. But there is one more direction, an eleventh. Do you know it? I will show you this direction.

You yourself are that eleventh direction and you can find this direction if you stop looking in the other ten. The eleventh direction is not like the other ten. In reality it is not a direction at all. It is no-direction, the negation of direction. It takes you where you have never left. It is your own entity, the state of your own self-nature. All of the ten directions go outward. What they create together is the world. The ten directions are the world. They are the space, the gap. But the one that knows all of these directions and moves in them must certainly be separate from them, otherwise it could neither know them nor move in them.

It moves and at the same time it does not move because if it were not firmly still in its own isness it wouldn’t be able to move. At the center of all its movement there is stillness, at the center of its revolving wheel there is a still point. Have you ever noticed the wheels of a carriage? The wheels are only able to move because the axle is stationary. There is always a fixed thing holding and sustaining any movement. Life is unstable and transitory, but the soul is permanent and stable. The soul is the eleventh direction. One does not have to go anywhere in search of it - simply nowhere. Drop all searching and see who resides in you. Wake up to the one who is. This is possible only by non-searching. It is possible only by stopping, not by running.

Stop and see. In these two words lies the crux of religion, of all spiritual endeavor and practice. Stop and see, and the eleventh direction opens up for you. Through it you enter the inner sky. That inner sky, that inner space is the soul.

I see that you are all running after something, but all this running ends in nothing but a fall. Don’t you see people falling every day? Isn’t that the result of all this running? Doesn’t all this running end in death? Those who realize this truth early on are saved from that disaster at the end.

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