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Chapter 16: In the Lake of the Void

So what nonsense is Jung talking about, that the West has to develop its own alchemy, its own Tantra, its own Tao? But he was afraid: this is his way of avoiding, to face his own fear.

The West has not to evolve anything just because it is the West. Yes, every age has to evolve its own methods, but that is a different matter. It has nothing to do with East and West. I am evolving new methods because many things have changed. In these twenty-five centuries since Buddha much has changed. Buddha was working on a differently conditioned consciousness.

Much has changed - man has become more mature: doubts more, is more skeptical - “yes” has become more difficult to say - would like to explore, but without any belief, cannot trust easily, distrust has become very deep-rooted, is no more innocent, knowledge has corrupted him. These changes have happened. According to these changes, a few changes have to be made in the devices. But it has nothing to do with East and West. And particularly in the modern age to talk of East and West is sheer crap.

The globe is one. For the first time this beautiful phenomenon has happened in the world: we are global, we are universal. Nations are just hangovers, just hangovers from the past - old habits that die hard. And because old habits die hard, man is suffering unnecessarily.

Now science and technology have made it possible that no human being should remain in a kind of semi-starvation. But the old boundaries of the nations are preventing this. If people are poor in the world it is not because now, methods are not available to help them, but because of the nations and the states and the political boundaries. Man is capable enough now to make this whole earth a paradise, but politicians won’t allow this. The one thing that the new generation has to do sooner or later - and the sooner the better - is to dissolve nations. We need one world, and that one world will be the answer for many questions and many problems.

Poverty can disappear immediately - if the world is taken as a whole and if all that man has invented, discovered, is used. Otherwise poverty cannot disappear, it is going to persist. Illness can disappear from the world, man can become healthier and healthier. All the means are available, just the old rotten mind goes on clinging.

My own suggestion is for a world government. No national government is needed anymore, all national governments are outdated. But politicians won’t allow it to happen. Why? - because if it happens then they all disappear. Where will Morarji-bhai Desai be? Where will all these so many prime ministers and presidents be? All these people will become insignificant. Then they cannot make much fuss and they cannot create much noise on the stage. They will be forgotten. They are really useless, they have to be put in the museums. They are no longer needed.

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