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Chapter 4: Cut the Roots of All Your Darkness

Shojin Daishi came from India and said to Fuketsu, “We learners have the three of the body, the four of the mouth; I ask you to confess me!”
At this, Fuketsu snapped his fingers and said, “May your sins disappear! May your sins disappear!”

On another occasion, a monk said to Fuketsu, “People have collected like clouds; please expound the dharma!”
Fuketsu replied, “People pursue a rabbit barefoot; they eat the meat with their shoes on.”
Another monk said to Fuketsu, “Even without the practice of Zen, may we certainly attain buddhahood?”
Fuketsu said, “The golden cock heralds the dawn; the pitch barrel sends out a dark radiance.”

At another time, a monk asked Fuketsu, “Both speech and silence transgress. How can we not do so?”
Fuketsu replied: “I always remember the spring in Konan, where the partridges sing: how fragrant the countless flowers!”

Friends, I have never laughed in my life as much as I have laughed this last week. Every day something hilarious happens.

Today I have received a message from the Dalit Elevation Republic Party, that I have to prove my sanity by a certificate from a psychologist. Only then are they ready to discuss matters with me.

Under my guidance, almost one hundred psychologists are working, and hundreds more come and go to learn meditation here. Whom should I ask for the certificate?

It reminded me.. When I graduated from the university I immediately went to the education minister of Madhya Pradesh. He was also the chancellor of the University of Sagar, where I had postgraduate degrees in psychology, in religion, in philosophy. Now that same person is the vice-president of India.

I went directly to him. I told his secretary, “I am going to meet the chancellor of my university, not the education minister, so don’t come in between me and the chancellor. He knows me, he has been coming to the university every year for the convocation address. He has even addressed under my presidency the philosophical department of the University of Sagar. He knows me.”

He informed the education minister, who called me in. He said, “What is the matter?”

I said, “I have passed from your university, and I have topped the whole university. This is the gold medal. I need a teaching job in any university.”

He said, “You qualify absolutely. All the way you have been a first-class first, and finally you have topped the university, so you will get a place. And I know you personally, and I have always loved and respected you. Because you have been presiding over the meetings in the university where I was a guest speaker, I have heard you.”

So he looked at my papers, the application, and then he said, “One thing is missing, your character certificate.”

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