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Chapter 6: Mind Thinks, Meditation Knows

The doors are always open. And the ultimate comes, but you cannot have a glimpse of the ultimate - whether you want to call him “him” or “her” does not matter. As the ultimate comes, you disappear. The happening is simultaneous, there is no gap. It is not that the ultimate comes and you say, “Thank you, sir. Sit down; what will you take - Coca Cola, Fanta, Seven-Up? What will you take?” There is no time, not even to say thank-you. The moment the ultimate descends you are already gone. He comes only in the space where you used to be, in your nothingness.

Nobody has seen the ultimate, for the simple reason that to see the ultimate you have to disappear, you cannot be a witness. You can become it but you cannot see it. We call those people who have become it the mystics; they are not the ones who have seen godliness they have become godliness. It is not an object for them to see. It is their very subjectivity, it is their very being.