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Chapter 40: The Body Does Not Have Beliefs

But many of his congregation were thrilled - they were tired of listening to the Bible, bored. Many of his congregation came to Pune and became sannyasins, almost thirty persons became sannyasins. And then there was a conflict. The conflict was.the non-sannyasins left the congregation because it was no longer Christian, and they had joined it because it was Christian. So they left the congregation; it became purely a sannyasin commune.

Then the old priest retired.. He used to come to festivals in the commune with his wife - he was still alive and still had love for me - but he wanted to retire, he was old. So he retired, appointing sannyasins as the priests of the congregation. When he retired, the people who had left the congregation went to the court, saying that the buildings and the grounds - and it is a beautiful place, Laguna Beach - belong to them, and these people are not the owners of it. We had to fight the case for four years continually.

The case was decided in our favor for the simple reason that these people had left the congregation; they were no longer members of it, and they had no right.. They should have remained part of the congregation and appealed to the court, then the situation would have been different. They were the majority, but they had left, and now seeing that sannyasins had captured the whole property and the church, they wanted it back. The court dismissed the case because they had no right any longer. The moment you leave the congregation, you have no right..

So we were keeping that property, fourteen sannyasins were there. We wanted to sell it - for the new mystery school you will need money!

Santosh has done a great service to us. Now he is the head priest and he knows nothing as far as experience is concerned, and he will destroy many people. So I have informed our people that something has to be done and Santosh has to be removed from there; or he has to pay three million dollars, and then he can do whatever he wants to do on the property. And our sannyasins have to be informed that his hypnotherapy is not going to help them.

I have told you about a world festival that Teertha, Rajen, Punem and others were arranging in Italy. Just yesterday the news came that very few people reached there; they have made a great loss of fifteen thousand dollars, and the whole thing was absolutely dead and flat. All these great therapists were on stage, but there was no celebration, there was no feeling that you are in the presence of someone who is enlightened. People left disappointed, disgusted with the whole thing.

I told you just a few days before that they will soon be in trouble. People will desert them, because people were not coming for them - these therapists had got a wrong idea. But for fifteen years.one can get easily into a wrong idea, that people are coming for them. Soon they will be lost in the crowd. And it is good that they should be lost; otherwise they will play with people’s psychology, no knowing what they are doing and what is going to happen.

Hypnosis is really a very soft method.very mellow music. It can happen just sitting by my side in silence. It can happen just by listening so intently that all your worries, tensions disappear, and you start moving deeper into your being. But those worries, tensions, anguishes, anxieties should disappear first.

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