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Chapter 22: Don’t Be Worried - The Worst Will Also Happen

A doctor calls his patient to give him the results of his test. “I have some bad news and some worse news,” says the doctor. “The bad news is that you only have twenty-four hours to live.” “Oh no,” says the patient. “What could possibly be worse than that?”

The doctor answers, “I have been trying to reach you since yesterday.”

Don’t be worried. The worst will also happen. Perhaps it has started happening, because even a small experience of the real, just a small candle in the dark night is enough to dispel all darkness.

Being here with you I feel so fresh and light like a newborn child. All the German heaviness is gone. Sitting in front of you I feel totally drunk. No more thoughts and worries about the future and the past. Never before was being with you so strong and fulfilling. But the other night, when you were talking about aloneness, a shadow came over me - the fear to be without you, the fear of getting stuck again in all my old worries. This shadow falls on me again and again. Osho, can you lighten this up so that I can understand?

Whatever you are feeling in this moment, trust that the next moment is going to be born out of it. If it is beautiful, the next moment is going to be more beautiful. If it is nourishing, the next moment is going to be more nourishing. I have been watching you, I have been seeing in your eyes that the German is dead. You need not worry about it.

You have become a pure human being. German or Indian or Chinese or Japanese, all this is nonsense. The simple reality is that you are a human being with no adjective attached to you. I know the German glue is a little stronger, but I have been destroying so many Germans that you can call me almost an expert in killing Germans! Even the parliament of Germany is afraid.

I have not applied for any visa to enter Germany - I don’t have to. Whoever wants to die comes here. This way it is easier; otherwise how am I going to find out who from all over Germany is ready to die, disappear, become a nobody? The chosen ones travel themselves.

But the German parliament must have been afraid. Their problem is that any German who comes to me never returns. And naturally, the parliament is worried - what is happening? Their young people, men and women, educated people, suddenly disappear. And even if they come back they are no longer German; they have dropped all that idiocy.

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