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Chapter 6: The Real Self and the False Ego

Avoid the scholars - they don’t know themselves. They have learned from the scriptures; they have not experienced it directly, they have not seen it directly. They have not realized it. It is not their own experience. Avoid the scholars.

Once you have revealed your prejudices you can see your true self.

All that is needed is to drop your prejudices. Your mind consists of your prejudices: of being Indian, of being Japanese, of being Italian, of being German; of being Hindu, of being Jewish, of being Mohammedan.

That’s why I go on hitting the Italians and the Germans and the British and the Indians. Now I am getting so many requests from Spanish sannyasins who are writing letters: “Osho, why are you leaving us out?” And Australian sannyasins are writing: “Have you completely forgotten about Australia?” Wait! Turn by turn I am going to hit everybody! I am not going to leave anybody out.

All your prejudices have to be destroyed, demolished. Then only will you be able to come to your reality.

Yoka says:

How can you wander off into external struggles?

Once you have dropped all your prejudices - your mind - all your extroversion disappears, all your ambitions disappear. Then there is nothing to achieve. You have already found the treasure of treasures, the kingdom of God.

The third question:

Why can I take almost everything lightly except my husband, Pravasi? Why do I fight him so? Why do I always try to change him?

It is the most ancient story. It has nothing to do with you or Pravasi in particular. The institution of marriage is an ugly institution - the ugliest, in fact. All other ugly institutions are based on the institution of marriage.

The day marriage disappears from the world, states will disappear, nations will disappear, because they all need the family as a base. Churches will disappear, religions will disappear. The whole past is rooted in family, and the family is rooted in the invention of marriage.

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