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Chapter 30: The Path Goes Round and Round

Then his mother died, and all the women of the neighborhood said the same thing: “Don’t be worried, we are just like mothers to you. You can come to us the way you used to go to your mother for any help or any problem. We will always remain available. She was such a good soul and we all loved her.” Then his wife died, and he waited and waited and waited and no woman turned up. He was very angry. He came out of his house and shouted, “What has happened? When my father died all the old idiots came to be my father. When my mother died, all the stupid old women came saying that they want to be my mother. Now what has happened? My wife has died, and nobody is coming to tell me, ‘Don’t be worried, she was a great soul, and we are just like your wife. You can come to us.’ Nobody is coming!” And the neighborhood remained silent.

The relationship between man and woman as husband and wife has been put in a special category, different from every other relationship.

This is not the right approach, not an enlightened approach. If the people had been really understanding, women would have gone to him and said the same thing, that “Don’t be worried, if one woman has died, we are all here. Whenever you need or whenever you feel alone, just ask for help and we will be available.” In a really human society, all jealousy will disappear, all domination will disappear. People will be helping each other in their loneliness, and helping them to become capable of being alone. It is human.

So if your woman once in a while goes with somebody else, there is nothing to be worried about. If your man goes with somebody else.everybody needs holidays. But your saints, your priests, because they don’t have any holidays.a saint has to be a saint for seven days continuously; there is no Sunday. He cannot take leave of his sainthood even for a single moment. Because he cannot enjoy any holiday, he takes revenge on society. He will not allow you either to have holidays.

They decide your morality, they decide how you should live, and they are the worst people to decide it, the most inexperienced people to decide it. They don’t know relationship, they don’t know the intricacies of relationship; they don’t know the fragility of love. They don’t know that the human mind gets bored with the same thing every day, and just a little holiday will be a tremendous help to keep people together.

It is said that Mulla Nasruddin was made an advisor to a king, and because of his beautiful stories the king became very much addicted to him. He wouldn’t let him go anywhere. They used to eat at the same table - that was the first time that the king had allowed anybody else to sit at the same table while eating. The first day Mulla was sitting there and the king said, “The cook has made stuffed bhindis.” Once in a while it is really delicious, but only once in a while. And the king appreciated them. Seeing that the king was appreciating, Mulla said, “Perhaps you don’t know that bhindis are not only vegetables, they are medicine. They prolong your life, they make you more powerful, they give you longer youth. It is written in the ancient books of medicine.”

The cook heard all this praise so he started making stuffed bhindis every day. The second day the king tolerated it; the third day he was feeling angry that this idiot, Mulla, had corrupted the mind of the cook: “It seems now my whole life I have to eat bhindis!”

On the fourth day it was too much, and he threw the plate on the ground shouting at the cook, “I will shoot you if ever I see a bindhi in this house again.”

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