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Chapter 8: Everybody Is Extraordinary

He went to a lawyer - because where else can you go when such legal problems arise? The lawyer said, “Don’t be worried” - and of course God cannot win with a lawyer - the lawyer said, “You ask, ‘Make a big well in front of my house without a wall.’” So a big well appeared before his palace and two wells appeared before everybody else’s. The lawyer said, “Now ask, ‘Make me one-eyed, let one eye disappear.’” The man asked, “What are you saying?” and the lawyer said, “Just wait. The law is the law.” One of his eyes disappeared, and both of his neighbors’ eyes disappeared. Now, the whole town was blind, and two wells in each palace garden.people started falling into the wells, people started dying. And the man was utterly happy. He said, “Now, my desires are fulfilled!”

So, I know you will be in difficulty: I declare you extraordinary, but everybody else, all your neighbors are doubly extraordinary.

And please, don’t go to a lawyer!

The second question:

Can I know a question the answer of which you do not know?

In fact, I don’t know the answer to any question. All that I go on doing is destroying the questioner, and the question. It is not answering. Just look at what happened to Sudha - destroyed, murdered. Is this an answer? I don’t know a single answer, but once you ask a question, you are in my hands. Then I push you this way and that, then I hit you this way and that. Ask the question and you are trapped; first I try to destroy the question, and then the questioner.

But that is the whole function of a master. The master is not there to answer your stupid questions; he has to destroy your stupidity so that no questions arise again. So you cannot ask a question without being trapped in it. The questioner is a new person it seems. He must be a new arrival, unacquainted with the way things are dealt with here.

I am reminded of a story:

Mulla Nasruddin was made a justice of the peace, a JP. The first day he was in the court a man came rushing in. And the man was only wearing underwear, almost naked, and was shouting, “I have been robbed! Catch the people who have cheated me and robbed me.”

And Mulla Nasruddin asked, “Where have you been robbed? In this town?” He said, “Yes, in this town, just on the outskirts. I was going to Mecca on a religious pilgrimage. My money has been taken away, my clothes have been taken away, my wife also! I have been utterly robbed. You have to save me, and you are the magistrate here, so do something!”

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