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Chapter 31: The Last Milestone

I have known many hunters in India - accidentally, because I was touring all over India, and I was often a guest in a maharaja’s palace. And all these maharajas - and there were hundreds in India - and their sons and their brothers, they were all hunters. They had their own forests reserved for their hunting. But I found them very human. Their hunting was taking all their violence. You could see from their faces that there was no tension.

But hunting animals is also violence.. We can find ways in which the energy can be used and yet no harm happens to anybody; on the contrary, something beautiful is created.

In one of our therapy groups a man’s hand was fractured, and it got immense publicity against me - although I was not involved in any way; I was not present in the therapy group. But nobody asked the man himself.

I called him and asked, “What is your feeling? How are you feeling?” - because the fracture was now settled, the plaster had been removed.

He said, “I am amazed. I have always had the feeling that I could murder somebody. Since the fracture of the hand that feeling has disappeared. I don’t know what has happened, how it has happened, but since that time I am feeling very humble; otherwise I was very arrogant.” Perhaps his hand was collecting violence and he was repressing it. The fracture released the energy.

I was condemned all over the world by the newspapers, that in my therapy groups violence is being used. But I was amazed: not a single journalist had the sense to have an interview with the man and inquire what had been his experience. His experience was totally different. He was feeling fortunate that it happened because a load that he was carrying from his childhood had simply disappeared.

So one thing: we should understand every energy - its mechanics, its working - and give it expression.

I had a meditation specially for laughing, and many people came to me and told me that it was something they had never experienced. It was almost psychedelic. And it was nothing: just a group was sitting and they would start laughing. One would start, then naturally it would catch others; others would simply laugh because “this idiot is laughing for no reason.” Then others would laugh at them, and then soon it would become a collective unconscious phenomenon: everybody was laughing as they had never laughed but had always wanted to.

And it looked hysterical because they wanted to stop it but they were not able to stop it. They had opened a door that they were not able to close - and that made them laugh even more: “This is strange! Nothing is happening, there is nothing to laugh at, and I am laughing like a madman.” And this made them laugh more! And it is catching, contagious. After one hour’s laughter they were all relaxing because they were tired, but a great peace.. They had released an energy which society does not allow you unless there is a proper occasion.

You have to go to a movie, you have to read a book, you have to talk gossips, meaningless, just to release it. But why not simply release it? Sit in a corner and start it. You will think that it will be difficult; it won’t be difficult, it will be very simple. Once you start, then it goes on increasing on its own.

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