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Chapter 6: The Cyclone Is the Center

Love is the mirror. Let your meditation be mirrored in love. If you find that something is missing, meditate more - but never escape from love; let it be mirrored in love again and again, because that will be the only criterion of whether you are growing or not. If you are really growing in love soon you will see that love has remained and jealousy has disappeared; love has remained and possessiveness has disappeared: love has remained and hatred has disappeared. A great purity arises, a great innocence. A fragrance is released into your soul. Go on meditating and go on loving. Let love and meditation be two wings. Let them help each other.

I am showing you a path which is arduous, which is really arduous. Love alone is good because there is nothing to reflect, meditation alone is simple because there is no mirror to reflect, but meditation and love together.. I am throwing you into the very eye of the storm. But that is the only way one comes home.

And when things become silent after the storm, the silence is alive, it is not the dead silence of a cemetery.

“.. especially in relationship. I lose myself. And what hassles you have created through it!” That’s my whole work here - to create hassles for you, to send you on hazardous journeys, to push you into new ways of being, into new styles, into the unknown, the unfamiliar, the strange. You would like to remain with the familiar because there you have become very efficient. My whole effort here is to push you again and again out of the familiar into the unfamiliar because wherever you have become efficient you have become mechanical. Machines are efficient. So when you become efficient, know well that now you have to move. Now this is no longer of any value, you have to move. You have learned it, now move and learn something else.

If a person remains a learner each moment of his life, from birth to death, only then enlightenment comes, otherwise not.

So never stop anywhere. Somebody asked Buddha ‘What is enlightenment?’ And he said, “Charaiveti, charaiveti” - go on walking, go on walking, never stop, become an eternal journey. Yes, you can stop for an overnight stay, you call rest under a tree, but don’t make your house there. Let the eternal growth be your only house. There is no end to it - that is the meaning of saying that God is infinite. There is no end to it. You go on arriving and arriving and arriving but you never really arrive. You go on coming closer and closer and closer but you can never say that you have arrived.reality is so infinite, how can you claim it in your fist?

“Now I feel totally helpless.” Good. Blessed are you, Sahajo. To be totally helpless is to be in the hands of God. If you still feel that a little help is possible through your own effort, then God will not be available.

There is a beautiful story.

Krishna was just going to take his lunch, he had started, he had taken a bite, he was chewing but suddenly he jumped up and ran towards the door.

Rukmani, his wife, said, “What are you doing my Lord? Where are you going? What is the hurry? This is so sudden!”

Then Krishna stopped at the door, waited for a moment, came back, looked very sad, sat down again and started eating.

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