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Chapter 33: To Be Enlightened Simply Means I Know Myself

If you want to punish, then punish Ayatollah Khomeini, punish pope the Polack, punish the idiot shankaracharyas. But why punish these poor people who are just victims?

So if you ask me what I would like to do with Sheela and her gang, I would like them to come back. They will be received with love and dignity. They need not hide in the Black Forest in Germany like criminals unnecessarily. They can be here back and they can accept what they have done.

Of course, the law will take its course, but we can fight for them. Right now they have put us in a position that we have to fight against them.

But you are prepared to defend them under those circumstances against any FBI charges or.?

No. Right now, no - unless they come here. Right now we are going to expose them to every charge possible. If they have courage they should come back and see how they are received, and then we will try in every way to fight for them. But right now we are going to expose them totally and clean the whole commune of all the criminality that they have somehow contaminated the very air with.

Is it to be assumed that she in fact wanted to replace you?

Certainly it seems so, if she wanted to kill me, or poison me slowly so I remain sick and cannot start being again amongst my people. Certainly that was the desire. She got the idea in those three and a half years because she became a celebrity. The moment I started speaking her image disappeared from televisions, from magazines, from newspapers, from radios. And that was the real wound.

She was trying to persuade me that it is against my health to speak. I said, “Even if it is against my health, what am I to do with the health? My health is to serve my people. If I cannot serve my people, then there is no point in living and being healthy. There is no point in just being healthy.”

I would like, as long as I live. It may be a shorter life than you think. It would have been possible to live longer if I was not speaking; I am willing to live shorter, but I would like to speak to my people, because I have so many things yet to say. My philosophy of life is not yet complete, and before I leave the body I want to complete it so they have the total vision.

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