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Chapter 22: Compassion - Love Comes of Age

Two women in a restaurant were having an intense conversation. One said to the other, “Why don’t you go to him in a perfectly straightforward way and lie about the whole thing.”

Great advice! But that’s what the mind goes on doing to everybody.

Hymie Goldberg thought he had the perfect marriage, until he moved from New York to California and discovered he still had the same milkman.

Don’t trust the mind - a perfect marriage! And everything else is just a lie. Mind is a lying energy. Respect with certainty the experiences that are happening to you - the let-go, and because of the let-go the feeling as if the separation has disappeared.

That “as if” is not your feeling; that “as if” is an insertion by your mind. You are feeling with absolute certainty that the separation has disappeared and you are one with existence. So all that you have to do is to drop your “as if,” and to not allow your mind to interfere and disturb a beautiful phenomenon that is going to grow in you.