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Chapter 7: The Light of Consciousness

There is an experiment to break this identification with the body. If you go on doing it once or twice a month, it will help you to break the identification. Now try to understand this experiment.

Relax the body in the same way as we did for the night meditation: by making the room dark, giving suggestions to each chakra, relaxing the body, and entering into meditation. When the body is relaxed - when your breathing has become relaxed and your being has becomes silent - feel as if you have died. And become aware within yourself, since you are dead, which of your loved ones are gathering around you. Watch their images gathering around you - what they do, which of them cries, who screams, who grieves - watch them with great clarity; they will be visible to you.

Then see that all the people from the neighborhood, the locality, as well as all your loved ones have gathered and tied your dead body onto the bier. Watch that also. See the people carrying the bier, and let it reach the cremation ground; then let them put it on the funeral pyre.

Watch all this. All this is imagination, but if you experiment with all this in your imagination you will be able to see it very clearly. And then see that they have put your dead body on the funeral pyre; the flames have risen and your dead body has disappeared.

When your imagination reaches the point where the dead body has disappeared and the smoke has risen into the sky, the flames have disappeared into the air and only ashes are left, immediately, with total awareness, look inside yourself at what is happening. At that moment you will suddenly find that you are not the body; at that moment the identification will be totally broken.

After doing this experiment many times, when you get up after doing it, when you walk, when you talk, you will know that you are not the body. We have called this state the bodiless state. Someone who comes to know himself through this process becomes bodiless.

If you do this all the time, for twenty-four hours a day - walking, getting up, sitting down, talking and remaining aware that you are not the body - then the body will be just an emptiness. And to know that you are not the body is rare. It is absolutely rare, nothing is more precious than this. To become disidentified with the body is absolutely rare.

After your body, your thoughts and your emotions have been purified, if you do this experiment with bodilessness, it will happen. And then many changes will start to happen in your life. All your mistakes, all your unconscious acts are connected to the body. You have not made one mistake or done one wrong act which was not connected to the body. And if you become aware that you are not the body, there is no longer any possibility for misery in your life.

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