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Chapter 27: People Are Here to Meditate, to Be Themselves

The moment I started speaking, it became impossible; now I am available to people. They can say to me whatsoever they want to say and they can ask any question they want to ask. She never wanted me to start speaking. I was surprised, because the whole commune wanted me to speak - except Sheela. But when I started speaking, then I understood what was the problem. She became sad. The whole commune became ecstatic, that for three and half years, waiting, they are again able to communicate with me. But she became sad and she started going away for longer periods, for small excuses.

Finally, it became clear that because her face from the television was disappearing, her voice from the radio was disappearing, her statements from the newspaper were disappearing. In these three and half years she has become a world famous celebrity. The ego has become too big and now it was hard for her - I can understand - just to drop that ego and be again an ordinary sannyasin as she was before. This was the trouble.

And then people started bringing news to me and she became afraid that all these things that she has done - without my knowledge. She escaped, with the whole group, suddenly. She did not even came to see to me.

For three days she has been here. In fact, there was no need to come, if she was going to go back. There was no need to come. She came back just to put things - files and everything away or burn or destroy or take away. In three days she did that work, and once it was finished, she without saying that she is going today. She went on saying that she will be staying few days more. Suddenly one day, four o’clock, she left. And that is the time I go for a ride towards the forest in the Ranch, so she knew that I will be far away - this is the best time to escape from here.

After her going, so many things have come to knowledge. Just today somebody informed that Sheela and Puja had herbs, poisonous herbs, to put in the food of these three people. And because the woman who was doing it was afraid to do it, and because Devaraj was afraid - after these two poisonings - they have started eating outside. They started arranging food from outside, so they could not succeed to poison their food. That woman has also escaped. Now other people from the restaurant have informed that that woman was doing something and putting some herbs in their food, but they never turned up. So they were. They killed one person certainly.

There are sannyasins who informed that they were the people who burned one of the offices of Wasco County, because there were many papers concerning Rajneeshpuram and their activities, that they were the people who had poisoned the tea of one of the judges of Wasco County who was visiting here. But just within two days, all this information has surfaced. Much more is bound to come up - what else they were doing, what else they have done, what else they were planning.

For example, I am against politics or any kind of political atmosphere. These sannyasins here are not for politics or to gain power. These people are here to meditate, to be silent, to be themselves, to experience what this life is all about. They have no interest in power. But she was not interested in meditation. And the group that she has collected, also was not interested in meditation.

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