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Chapter 31: Discarding the Container, Discovering the Content

Dr. Barat was my friend. He had told me that he was going to send this young man. He said, “He is a hypochondriac. He has no stomachache, nothing, he is just rich - too much money and nothing to do. So he is doing stomachache, headache. He gets any kind of disease. I have not found any disease in him; he is perfectly healthy. But every day he tortures me for hours. I know that no medicine is going to help because he is not sick. In fact, to give him any medicine is dangerous.

“So I have been giving him just colored water, especially prepared for him. I have a whole cabinet full of colored water in bottles; I make a mixture from these bottles and give it to him. He says, ‘Yes, a little relief but the pain remains.’ And if it disappears from one place, it starts appearing in another place. I am tired. And because of him, I am losing many patients. So you have to save me from this rich young man. His father has died and he has a big inheritance, enough money to throw away on anything. But he is destroying my business.”

I said, “I don’t understand - how is he destroying your business?”

He said, “It is very simple - because my other patients see him, and see that he has been coming for ten years and I have not been able to cure him. It creates a bad impression. So I am sending him to you, and you have to do the miracle.”

I said, “I don’t do miracles, and miracles don’t happen. But if you want, I will try.”

So when the young man came, I went on denying him: “Just water touched by me is not going to help. You should go to another doctor - why are you after this Dr. Barat? If one doctor has failed, go to another doctor. If one “pathy” fails. Change from allopathy, try ayurveda; if ayurveda fails, try homeopathy; if homeopathy fails, try naturopathy. And by that time you will be dead, don’t be worried. Whether the disease goes or not, you will have gone!”

He said, “But I want to live! I am too young to die right now.” And he was not more than twenty-six. He said, “I am not even married. Because my father died, I have enough money - many people are after me. They want me to marry their daughters, and I don’t want to be encaged. And first I want to take care of my health. Getting married means bringing more sicknesses, more diseases into the house. You have to give me a glass of water!”

I said, “It is very difficult, because miracles don’t happen.”

I was staying in a friend’s house. His wife was listening as this whole conversation was going on and on, and he was crying. Finally the woman came out and said, “I never thought that you are so hard. Whether it helps or not, just give him a glass of water. Half of the night has passed; neither are you going to sleep, nor are you allowing anybody else in the house to sleep - because we are all excited, waiting to see what happens, whether the miracle happens or not.”

I said, “Because you say so, and because I don’t want to torture your family, bring a glass of water.”

And I told the young man, “Remember, you are not to talk about it to anybody, because I don’t want it to happen that from tomorrow the whole day long a queue of patients is here. I don’t have time for all this, so promise me that you will not talk.”

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