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Chapter 23: Our Way Is of Humor, Our Way Is of Bliss

This is the only place in the whole world where love is doing things; and love never says, it never dictates.

Love is the most mysterious energy in the whole world.

It makes things happen.

Perhaps love is the very center of all that moves, of all the stars that are moving.

Scientists are searching for the center; there must be a center to the universe. I am not a scientist but I know the center. Let them search, they will never find it, because their very methodology will not allow them to find love.

Love is the center of the whole universe; the suns, the moons, the planets, the stars - all are moving around it. And we have created this small commune on the same existential principle.

Everybody feels responsible. I don’t say to you that you are responsible towards the commune, towards me, towards my philosophy; I have never said anything like that.

But you feel to be responsible because somebody trusts you. Somebody loves you in spite of yourself. Somebody accepts you in your totality, as you are.

I never judge anybody - love knows no judgment. I don’t see that somebody is good and somebody is bad. To me you are all one energy, different manifestations, and all are needed to make an organic unity.

Sheela comes again and again to me and says, “These are the topmost workers, ace workers. These are second class, these are third class, and these are just to be thrown out.”

I say to her, “You don’t understand. If the fourth class disappears you will start thinking of throwing out the third class - naturally, it is a simple logic. If the third class disappears you will start throwing out the second class. And if you throw out the second class, how are you going to know the ace workers, the first class? They are all one organic whole - they are all needed.”

The first class needs the second class, they support each other. If the second class disappears the first class will be in a limbo, hanging in the air, there will be no support for it. Somebody is needed to support it. It is just like a staircase; every step is needed. The lowest step is the support of the highest step.

Don’t judge that the lowest is in any way lower as a value. It can be the lowest as a physical status but there should be no evaluation involved, it is not “lower”. The highest.that is simply a way of measuring things, but it is not higher.

Nobody is lower and nobody is higher. There many be lower steps and there may be higher steps but they are all connected in one symphony.

Love knows no judgment, that’s why love can do miracles.

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