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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

It has something in it, because you become aware of the tip of your nose only when all your desires, all objects of desire, have become futile. You have no energy to move in desires, death is coming near. You are so energyless, all vitality has ebbed. You cannot move your eyes, you cannot run after desires and goals, life is ebbing. In the last moment nothing remains except to look at the tip of the nose. This is one meaning.

Another meaning, and greater, is that: whenever a person can look at the tip of his nose, he will die to this world. A new birth, because he has looked in front of himself with clarity. This world disappears, this life disappears. He is dead as far as his old being was concerned. He is a new being, it is a rebirth. Now there is no coming and no going.

He has attained - just by looking at the tip of the nose? Yes, because the whole question is: how to look in front and not sideways -because the truth is in front of you, it cannot be otherwise. It is neither easy nor difficult.

It is not a question of effort, so how can it be easy or difficult? It is a question of awakening, not a question of effort. It is not a question of doing something. Doing, you will lose it, because you will become engrossed in doing. If you do something, it will be easy or difficult.

It is a question of non-doing. How can non-doing be easy or difficult? Non-doing is completely beyond the world of doing. It is just being! How can being be difficult or easy? Being simply is. That is the great way. The whole effort is to come to know and see the tip of your nose, just to look with clear eyes in front of you.

.but those with limited views
are fearful and irresolute:
the faster they hurry, the slower they go.

It looks contradictory but it is happening to everybody. This is what has happened to you. The faster you go, the slower you are. Why? - because you go without looking in front, and the goal is there! The faster you move, the faster you are going astray.

If somebody looks at your speed you are fast, but if somebody looks at what you are missing, you are slower. The faster you go, the slower. Don’t go anywhere! Just be here - and immediately you reach. No space is to be traveled and no time to be transcended. Just be here. Make now and here your only mantra, and you don’t need anything else. Be now, and here. Don’t go anywhere, fast or slow.

It happened.

A small boy came to school very, very late. He was always coming late. The teacher was very angry and she said, “Again? Again you are late and even more late than yesterday! And I have been telling you again and again. You don’t listen!”

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