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Chapter 6: Madmen and Devotees

Try to understand it. Accept it, it is natural. Don’t create a goal against it because that goal is coming out of your cowardice. That goal is not going to help you. At the most you can become very tense and pretend that you are not a coward. You can move to the opposite extreme just to prove to the world and to yourself that you are not a coward.

That’s what your generals and your great leaders are doing, just trying to prove to the world that they are not cowards. And because of their efforts the whole world has suffered tremendously. Please, don’t try any foolish thing like that. Just accept. It is helplessness. One has to accept it. Once you accept it and you start understanding it, you will see that by and by it disappears. Not that you become brave - but one day you simply find that through acceptance it disappears.

There is no fight, it disappears. There is no resistance; you accept it and it disappears. It is not that you become brave, you simply become more understanding. Bravery is not a goal.

But you have been taught from your very childhood, “Be brave!” so you go on trying to be brave. That creates much anxiety and tension. You are trembling everywhere inside and on the outside you are like a stone statue, divided. This has created much misery in you.

The goals that have been taught to you from your childhood are foolish, are simply not based on reality. It is as if you say to a small leaf on a tree, “When strong winds come, don’t shake, don’t waver, don’t tremble. That is cowardice.” But what can a small leaf do? When the strong wind comes it shakes, the whole tree shakes. But trees are not so foolish, they won’t listen to you, they go on doing their thing.

Have you watched two dogs fighting? They don’t start fighting immediately. First they move in a mock fight. Both start barking. That is just a game to gauge, to judge, who is the stronger. They are not going to fight immediately because that is foolish, stupid; that is done only by human beings. First they will try to bark at each other, jump at each other, show their totality. The one will show “I am this” and the other will show “I am this.” Then immediately they judge: that judgment needs nobody else to convince them. Immediately one feels that he is weaker, he puts his tail down and moves: “This is finished. What is the point of fighting? I am weaker and you are stronger and the stronger is going to win! The point is lost.” It is not that he is a coward; he is simply wise. I don’t call this cowardice.

Human beings will stay even if you feel that you are weak. The more you feel that you are weak, the more you will be afraid to leave. People will say you are a coward, so you must fight, and you will be beaten badly and unnecessarily hurt.

There is no point. It is a simple calculation. And the stronger one doesn’t go and show the other dogs that he has won. No, the thing is simply dropped. He also knows that he is stronger, so what is the point? He doesn’t go on advertising that he has won. No, the fight is dropped, he forgets all about it.