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Chapter 10: It’s a Special Transmission

Now there are efforts to reach farther and farther; sooner or later man will try to reach to the stars. It will be a long journey, but worth taking, worth risking. It is going to be a very strange journey, because according to Albert Einstein when you move with that speed you don’t grow old, you remain exactly of the same age - time stops. When you move with the speed of light.and it is tremendous, one hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second; only then we can reach the stars. The nearest star will take four years to reach with this speed and four years to come back from; that is the nearest star. The next star will take sixty years to go and sixty years to come; and then the universe is infinite - then there are millions of stars which will take millions of years to come and go. But people are going to try one day; preparations are on the way, plans are being made.

The person who will go on a journey for such a long time, when he will come back his wife will look like his mother - and he will remain the same. If he had left the earth at the age of forty he will remain forty This is one of the miracles of speed, that you don’t age. His parents would have died, his children would have become exactly like him as he was - forty years of age. His wife may be eighty years of age, very old, unrecognizable. It is some risk! But this is how man’s spirit grows.

And these are outer adventures, nothing compared to the inner adventure of sannyas, meditation, Zen, because when you go inwards you go alone, absolutely alone; nobody can accompany you. You lose all contact with the outside world: the deeper you go in, the outside world starts disappearing. At the very center of your being the world disappears like a dream.

It is not a philosophy only that the mystics have called the world illusory, maya, a dream, made of the same stuff as dreams are made of It is not only a philosophical concept; it is rooted in deep spiritual realization. It is an experience, existential experience. They had experienced. The moment you reach at the very center of your being, the whole world disappears: the people, the mountains, the stars, they start receding back and a moment comes they are no more there. There is infinite vastness, nothingness.

And when the world disappears, remember, you as an ego also disappear because you can exist only in relationship to others. I/thou is a pair: the “I” cannot exist without the “thou.” Psychologists say that the “thou” comes first into existence and then comes the “I”; the “I” is added later on. First the child becomes aware of others - the mother, the father, the other children. First he becomes aware of the “thou,” and slowly, slowly he starts feeling that “I am separate.”

Small children, in the beginning, address themselves in third person. For example, a child will say, “Johnny is hungry.” He is hungry - his name is Johnny - and he says, “Johnny is hungry.” He has not yet become aware enough to say, “I am hungry.” Even about himself he thinks in terms as if he is somebody else. Looking into a mirror, a small child does not recognize that it is his face; he thinks there is some other child. He tries to catch hold of the child. If he cannot catch hold he tries to go behind the mirror: “Maybe he is hiding behind the mirror.” Very slowly, as the “thou” becomes clearly defined, he becomes aware of the “I.”

The same happens in a reverse way when you move into meditation. First the “thou” disappears and then slowly, slowly “I” loses all meaning. Naturally one feels afraid, doubtful. It is a dangerous journey, the most dangerous journey there is, but with tremendous ecstasy. Each moment of it is full of ecstasy, excitement, surprises and surprises, mysteries upon mysteries.

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