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Chapter 16: Recognizing the Master

He said, “Every hope. First, you went to a Chinese woman - because these diseases you can get only from a Chinese prostitute. The second wrong thing you did was, you went to American doctors who are just after money, money, money - and money means you have to do something. Even if your cock disappears, they are not worried; they need money. An operation means money. You don’t be worried, there is no need of any operation.”

Benson was very happy. He said, “Thank you!” He gave much money to him and the old man said, “Whenever there is any trouble, come to me, don’t go to American doctors. They are simply cheating people.”

Just to have a final word from the doctor, he said, “So now I can go? There is no need?”

He said, “There is no need, I have told you. Just wait two or three weeks and the pecker will fall off by itself.”