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Chapter 10: The Secret of Totality

A hypothesis means an unknown fact taken in faith as known. A hypothesis means an unknown fact knowingly taken as known. Then you can begin. So a hypothesis cannot be questioned - nowhere, not even in mathematics.

So on the path of will, will is the hypothesis, and on the path of surrender, will-lessness is the hypothesis. So if one path appeals to you, you will not be able to comprehend the other, because both have opposite hypotheses. If will-lessness appeals to you, then will does not have any appeal, then it is absurd. If will appeals to you, then surrender is meaningless.

With will, it is taken for granted that you can do. So now the question is: What to do? You can do something which leads you away from the divine and you can do something which leads you nearer to him. And you are responsible - I have discussed that yesterday. How can you will eventually to be near and, ultimately, totally with That? But remember this fact: that will is taken as a hypothesis. Once you take it as a hypothesis you go on willing; ultimately you will totally - that is, your mind is arrowed totally towards That. In that total tension, on that climax and peak, will dissolves, because perfection is death. The moment anything is perfect it dies.

That is why Lao Tzu says, “Never be perfect. Stop halfway - never go to the end.” If you go to the end, success will become failure and life will become death. If you go to the very end love will turn into hate, friendship will be reduced to enmity, because perfection means death. And when something dies, it dies into the polar opposite.

When will is perfect, when mind is wholly arrowed, will dies. The will disappears because perfection is the point of evaporation - just like water evaporates at a hundred degrees heat. The hundred-degree limit is the perfection. As far as water is concerned, the heat has come to its peak. Now if the heat continues to be, the water will not be there, and if the water wants to be there, then the heat must not come up to the peak. So when you are a hundred percent will you are on the verge of explosion; you will die, your will will die. The very phenomenon of will disappears. When will disappears, you come to the same point where one who begins with will-lessness comes. Now it is will-lessness.

So either zero or perfection: both bring the same ending. It will depend on you, on your type of mind. If you can conceive of will-lessness, then there is no question, but that is difficult. Not only difficult, in a certain way it is impossible. It is inconceivable. It happens, sometimes it happens. But that happening also has a long, long effort of will. Many, many lives lived according to the will give you the experience that you have been dreaming of - and one who has willed for a long time and yet reaches nowhere, may come to a point where suddenly he becomes aware that he is working with something which is not.

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