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Chapter 8: Life Lives for Itself

Three very ancient members of the Army and Navy Club were discussing the subject of embarrassing moments over brandy and cigars.

The first two related incidents in their lives which they looked back on with shame; and when it came to the turn of the third old codger, he told of how he had been caught out peeping through the keyhole of the maid’s bedroom.

“Ah yes,” said one of the others with a chuckle. “We certainly got up to some pranks in our younger days.”

“Younger days, nothing!” said the third old boy. “This was last night.”

But this is ugly. An old man should become again like a small child. Because when sex disappears, all desires disappear. When sex disappears, the interest in the other disappears. Sex is the link with the society, with the world, with matter. When sex disappears, suddenly you start floating like a white cloud. You are uprooted; your roots are no longer here in this world.

And when your energy is not moving lower, low-wards, downwards, then it starts rising higher and reaches to sahasrar, where the ultimate lotus is waiting for the energy to come and to help it flower.

Enough for today.