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Chapter 1: Never Be the First in the World

Prayer is meeting of spirit with spirit. Sex is very confined to the material body, very limited. Love is vaster, but still limited to a person. Prayer is unlimited. Then you know that you can move from every person to the infinite. Then every person becomes a jumping-board. You look into the eyes of your child - and God is there. You look into the eyes of your beloved, and suddenly the beloved has disappeared, she is no more there, he is no more there - God is smiling. You look into the flower and the whole has entered there. This is prayer.

These are the three layers of man.

Christianity, Judaism - they could reach only to the third. They have no conception of the fourth; but in the East, Buddha, Krishna, Mahavira, Lao Tzu - they have looked into the fourth, the beyond that goes beyond all. That fourth, the turiya, is ecstasy, exultation, samadhi, nirvana, Tao. In that fourth even the other disappears.

First in sex the body disappears but the mind remains. In love the mind disappears but the spirit remains. In prayer the spirit also disappear but the other, the Tao, the God, remains. In the fourth even God disappears. Nothing remains - or only nothing remains.

In that total emptiness where all dualities dissolve, love is absolutely fulfilled. Love is the key to all treasures. Love is not an emotion. Love is not a feeling. Love is energy, and the energy can express on four layers. And always remember that the energy has to be transcended, transformed, led into a higher rhythm, a higher state. But nothing is wrong; only if you are stuck somewhere, then it is wrong.

Sex is beautiful, nothing is wrong in it, but if you are stuck there, something has gone wrong. It is as if you are stuck at the door and could not enter the palace. Nothing is wrong in the door itself, it is a door, and you should be thankful for it; it is not a wall. But if you are stuck at the door it has become a wall.

It is because of you that the door has become a wall. Now you cannot enter.

Sex is beautiful. Use that energy to flow within. Move ahead, allow it to change into love. But don’t get stuck at love, allow it to become prayer. But don’t get stuck at prayer. Unless nothingness is achieved one should go on moving and moving. When everything is dissolved you have come to the ultimate flowering of the lotus.

That’s why Hindus, who are the deepest searchers of the inner world, have said that when the energy comes to its highest peak it is a flowering of the lotus, sahasrar, the thousand-petalled lotus. It is the last chakra in your body. The first is sex, the last is the lotus, the sahasrar.

Don’t get stuck anywhere! That should be remembered always. If you can remember that then nothing can become a barrier to you.

It depends on you whether you use it as a barrier or as a ladder. A stone is there - a rock is there on the way. You can think of it as a hindrance; but you can step over it, and then it becomes a step and you move higher. That’s why I accept everything. I don’t condemn anything.

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