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Chapter 7: Love Dispels Fear

I have heard about one very famous artist, Oscar Wilde. His first play was dramatized. It failed completely; it was a flop. And when he came out of the theater hall, friends asked, “How did it go?”

He said, “It was a great success. The audience was a great failure.”

This is the legal mind, always trying to protect one’s ego, the empty ego - nothing but a soap bubble, hollow within, full of emptiness, and nothing in it. But the law goes on protecting. Remember, the moment you become legal, the moment you start looking at life through the law - maybe the law is that of the government, or the law is that of the churches, it makes no difference - the moment you start looking at life through the law, through the morality, the code, the scripture, the commandment, you start missing it. One needs to be vulnerable to know what life is; one needs to be totally open, insecure; one needs to be able to die in knowing it - only then one comes to know life. If you are afraid of death, you will never know life, because fear can never know. If you are unafraid of death, if you are ready to die to know, you will know life, eternal life, which never dies. Law is hidden fear, love is expressed fearlessness.

When you love, fear disappears - have you observed? When you love, there is no fear. If you love a person, fear disappears. The more you love, the more fear disappears. If you love totally, fear is absolutely absent: fear arises only when you don’t love. When love does not exist, then the fear arises. Fear is absence of love; law is absence of love, because law is basically nothing but a defense of your inner trembling heart, of your inner trembling - you are afraid; you want to protect.

If the society is based on law, the society will remain continuously in fear. If the society is based on love, the fear disappears and the law is not needed - courts will not be needed; hell and heaven will not be needed. Hell is a legal attitude: all punishment is legal. The law says if you do wrong you will be punished; if you do right you will be rewarded. And then there are so-called religions - they say if you commit sin you will be thrown into hell. Just think about their hell. These people who have created the idea of hell must have been very deeply sadistic. The way they have arranged hell, they have made every arrangement possible to make you suffer.

I have heard about a priest who was teaching, and he came to talk about hell. He warmed up to the theme, and said, “There will be much fire, and you will be thrown into it. And there will be much trembling and gnashing of teeth.”

And an old woman stood up and she said, “Sir, I have lost my teeth.”

The priest said, “Don’t be worried. False teeth will be provided.”

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