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Chapter 7: The Flowering of Godliness

“One who lives consciously and with a disciplined mind, his senses are under control, like the tame horses of a vigilant charioteer.”

“One who lives unconsciously, whose mind is undisciplined and is impure, will not attain parampada, the ultimate state. He will continue to be bound in samsara, the wheel of life and death.”

“One who lives consciously, whose mind is disciplined and is pure, will attain the ultimate state from where there will be no return through another birth.”

“One whose consciousness is his charioteer and who keeps his mind, the reins of the horses, disciplined, will go beyond the world, the path, and will attain the ultimate.”

“Sense-objects are more powerful than the senses, the mind is more powerful than sense-objects, intelligence is more powerful than mind, and the soul is greater and more powerful than intelligence.”

“Maya, the creative energy of the divine, is more powerful than the soul; the divine itself is more powerful than its creative energy. It is transcendental. There is nothing beyond it. It is the ultimate. It is the final abode of all. ”Man is discontented, in continuous mental conflict. And this tension, this worry, this anxiety and insanity are all born out of one thing - and that is that there are many layers in his personality. He is not one, he is many layers.”

The first layer is the body: the body is a layer which has its own desires, its own passions. The body has its own attractions, attachments, greeds and lusts. Then there is another layer, the mind within the body: the mind has its own desires and aspirations. But within the mind there is a layer of wakeful intelligence, of vivek. The desires of this intelligence are very different, and so there is a continuous conflict between the desires of these three layers. The body wants to do one thing, the mind wants to do another thing and wakeful intelligence proposes a third thing. This creates an inner struggle within man. It is only because of this that man is disturbed, in a chaos.

If man were only a body there would be no discontentment. If man were only a mind, even then there would be no discontentment. Even if man were only a soul there would be no discontentment. Animals are less discontented than man because they have only bodies. There is a small glimpse of mind in animals, and their discontent is in proportion to that. Plants are even more contented, trees are even more at peace. There is no tension and no anxiety because there is not even a small glimpse of mind. In man also, the more intellectual a man is the more discontented he will be; the less intellectual a man is the less discontented he will be.

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